What Is InoUno?

InoUno is a PA-based company that makes it easy to share knowledge and get answers. We aggregate knowledge sharers in one place, so that you can find answers to life's unique questions. Whether you are going through a divorce, moving to a new city, or transitioning careers, InoUno makes finding advice easier. We will find you someone who's been there, done that.

We focus on transparency and honesty. Our advice givers are vetted and peer-reviewed. They are compensated for their time, and in return offer you honest advice, free from ulterior motives.

Investors facts sheet

  • Name: InoUno
  • Business Description: Knowledge Marketplace
  • Business Established: 2020
  • Address: 230 Kings Highway East, Suite 111, Haddonfield, NJ 08033
  • Telephone 404-431-0995
  • Management team: Erich Fasnacht, Tod Manning, Eric McGivney, William Mullin, Joshua Grace, Eric Rivera
  • Website: www.Ino-Uno.com
  • Information for Investors: Management Team currently testing defined Advisory Pairs across 3 separate search terms and have data to share confidentially